Company Profile

Established in 2006, Sichuan Decheng Animal Health Product Co. Ltd. is a GMP enterprise which combines development, production,sales and service of veterinary drugs. In 2012, the company acquired about30,000 square meters of land in Zhongjiang County economic development zone in Deyang city, Sichuan province. More than 8000 square meters are used to buildnew plants and warehouses. The 8 workshops include 18 production lines, whichare capable of producing 17 kinds of medicament proved by GMP certifications of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China, including powder injections, powders/ herbal powder / premix, tablets (including Chinese traditional medicine extraction) / granules (including Chinese traditional medicine extraction) /pills (including Chinese traditional medicine extraction) / capsules,terminal sterile small capacity injections (with Chinese medicine extraction)/ terminal sterile large capacity non-vein injections (with Chinese medicine extraction) / oral liquids (with Chinese medicine extraction), sanitizers (solid),non-chlorine sanitizers (liquid) / pesticide / transdermal liquors/ liniment, Chinese traditional medicine extraction, etc. It has formedthe animal health products’ production, testing and research base with the larger scale, the more completed medicine forms and the more advanced equipment in southwest of China.

The company has intense cooperation with Sichuan Agricultural University, Southwest University of Science and Technology,Sichuan  Institute for Livestock Scientific Research, Sichuan Pig Associationetc., and has developed production, study and research base, has a high quality scientific research team with a lot of doctors, masters and bachelors,etc. With outstanding technology background, talented technical personnel and abundant experience in industry, meanwhile combine first-class products and thorough services, the company has successfully integrated advanced resources of research, production, sales and service in industry, provided professional solutions of epidemic diseases for farmers, which truly realize the perfect transition from veterinary medicine supplier to the service provider of farming enterprise value chain.

Decheng believes an enterprise wisdom as ‘Give QualityTake Trust’.With the enterprise development motto ‘Virtue, Aggregation, Professional’, the green industry orientation of ‘Care animal health, Benefit human society’. The basic business strategy of ‘emphasizing quality management to guarantee customer benefits, adjust market wisely to ensure customer profits, expand reasonably to keep company developmentspromises to serve attentively, create values,collaborate and develop, take challenges, serve and reward the society. The company aims at becoming a first-class receptor supplier for epidemic and disease in animal breeding industry and keep making efforts on it.